Sponsor Program Details

This is an annual program started some few years back and from its onset, it has assisted lots of immigrants to migrate from African countries to international countries listed below.

This program was designed to assist people to migrate to any of the following countries.

  1. Australia,
  2. Canada,
  3. United States of America.

    This sponsorship program allow applicants to gain business visa which can be used to explore other great opportunities and then obtain work visa at their arrival into their selected country.

Applying for this program required a registration sum of NGN 150,000 or its equivalent in other currencies calculated periodically according to exchange rates (this fees is excluding the following that the applicant must be ready to provide separate from processing fee.)

  • Visa Fees
  • Flight Ticket
  • Medical Assessment Fee,
  • Insurance Policy
  • Event Registration Fee and
  • Police Report Certificate

The participants have the following benefits after they applied and paid the above payment

  • Job Provision after arriving in the country of choice
  • Business  Visa / Work Visa  (4 years temporary work visa)
  • Accommodation (Optional)

The document processing period is twelve months, after registration period is closed (this excludes visa issuing period, as the embassy has its processing period).

After the issuance of visa, Service Charge will be required of the applicants

After two years, applicant will be able to apply for permanent resident card which will allow them to continue living permanently in their selected country without problem and also have the ability to invite their relations to come and meet them.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United States of America

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