This is work visa and permanent resident program enrollment page, you have just taken the first step to migrate to another country.

This is an annual program that comes up every year and with our knowledge in the field, we confirmed this program as the best way to migrate without all the scrutiny of visa officers.

Please make sure you read and understand all the contents of the page and have read and accept the terms and condition of the program before filling each box.


  • Q: How is this program run?
  • A: This is a program designed to help people who wish to migrate from their localities to another country.

  • Q: Why is this program designed?
  • A: From investigation, we discover that many blacks have lot of talents and they wish to travel to the whites country to excel, but due to some level of understanding, they were not assisted may be because Government failed to create enough jobs, but this program will assist many to move and become the person they have wanted to be.

  • Q: Does this program cost money for participation?
  • A: Yes it cost some affordable fee, NGN 450,000 or equivalent in other currency.

  • Q: Can’t I pay the money after everything is done?
  • A: No. the program is not done that way. We used funds to process the required documentations

  • Q: Do I have to pay all the money at once or how do I pay?
  • A: No, you don’t pay it once, all you need to do is to pay a sum of NGN150,000. this is called processing fee, and after the visa is out, service charge of NGN300,000 will be paid.

  • Q: What document do I need to submit in order to participate?

  • A: You need to submit only police report and statement of account as well as a Valid International Passport.

  • Q: Do I need to have travel experience before I apply?
  • A: Yes, Travel experience is of very important in order to ease the processing of travel document without denial

  • Q: What do I stand to gain if I register?
  • A: There are lot of opportunities awaiting every participants which all cannot be highlighted here, but some of it are opportunity to study as well as working then after two years, you can apply for a permanent resident.

  • Q: Hope this is not a fraud?
  • A: No it is not a fraud, this program is being supported by many employers and this company ITEN Travels is a Limited company registered by law under the Corporate Affairs Commission.

  • Q: When do I need to pay the NGN150,000?
  • A: Payment is required to be made at the point of registration using any of the provided options found in the form.

  • Q: What type of jobs can I get?
  • A: The types of jobs are highlighted here and here

  • Q: Is this a lottery or what?
  • A: No it is not a lottery, this is a program that is organized by some NGOs in oversea in connection with ITEN Travels and others.

  • Q: NGN150,000 cannot take anyone out of this country to Canada, is the company a charity organization?
  • A: No, We are not a charity organization, all funds used to process the document are to be paid by the applicant.

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