Sponsor Terms and Conditions

This program is an annual program designed for people to migrate from African countries to the international countries listed below.

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. United States of America


    This program require applicants to pay the following fees apart from the processing fee and service charge after the Visa is granted.
    (a) Visa Application Fee
    (b) Accommodation fee. (To be paid at the property)
    (c) Event Registration fee

From our studies and from the beginning of this program in 2012, we have discovered that majority of Africans have what international employers want but due to the restriction in those countries, the Africans find it difficult to migrate into these countries for better life,
That brings in the company ITEN Travels to stand between Blacks, and the Whites to bridge the gaps and to connect black employees with employers in the above mentioned countries.

The followings are the terms governing the program


  1. Applicants must accept terms and conditions includes the refund policies
  2. Applicants must note that visa processing is not an automatic thing as it takes time before it comes out. Passport and Original Copy

What are the jobs available under this program?

What are the requirements needed to meet up with this program criteria? [popup][/popup]

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